Brand design for Minneapolis teachers

Minnesota Brand Design for Educators- Level UP! for language learners

  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand design (Logo, Color Palette, Fonts)
  • Brand photography
  • Brand Guide

Level Up! with language learners provides students with engaging speaking and writing resources that develop their academic language skills and share their voices and culture so they can thrive in the classroom.

Christi is an incredible teacher who developed educational resources and materials for K5 students and teachers to develop their language speaking and writing goals.  She needed brand design, photography, and help with brand messaging so her presentations, materials, and e-books look professional and appealing to both teachers and students.  We were able to create a logo, color palette, and brand guide that she can use to create a new website and presentations. 


Minnesota Brand design for educators - Level Up! Style Guide
Minnesota brand photography for educators
Minnesota brand design and photography for educators

Level UP! with language learners logo, brand colors, photography, and messages pieces needs to speak to both students and teachers.  We worked with Christi to create visuals that are fun, colorful, exciting, without being too childlike.  Christi loves bubbles since they symbolize rising up, which Level UP! with language learners aims to do for both kids and teachers.

Branding for educators
Branding for teachers
Minnesota brand photography for educators classroom
Minneapolis Brand Building for K-5 educators
Minnesota brand building for teachers
Minneapolis brand design for educators
Minneapolis Brand Building and photography for K-5 educators

The photos, messaging, and graphics were put together in a brand guide so Christi can refresh her website and presentations!  

She can also use her brand guide to create content to start her social media feeds, blogs, and other marketing materials.

Minneapolis brand value guide
Minneapolis brand content guide pillars
minneapolis content creation
Minneapolis content guides for therapists
Minneapolis branding voice guide
Minneapolis brand content guides

We can’t wait to see Level UP! with language learners come to life as Christi integrates her new brand design into her website and presentations!

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