Minneapolis branding for Physical Therapist

Minneapolis Branding for Physical Therapist – CoRestore

  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand design (Logo, Color Palette, Fonts)
  • Brand photography
  • Brand Guide
  • Website Template 

CoRestore is a mobile physical therapist who helps busy women restore the core of their health.

Becca has been a physical therapist for years.  She loves working with women, especially those who are in need of physical therapy that will impact their core strength and movement.   

She is branching out on her own and needed everything from a brand build to a website to launch her business CoRestore.

CoRestore as a brand is helpful, inviting, and aims to focus on the root cause of their client’s pain instead of just offering a quick fix. 

Becca believes in the value of time and family, which is why she if focused on women who tend to put their families first.  CoRestore comes to their home so they can prioritize their healing and fill their cups so they can be present with their families, careers, and lives. 

The logo symbolizes the idea that when we focus on the core of our health, healing is continuous.  The color palette aligns with the calming, restorative feeling CoRestore leaves each client with.  The brand itself is more fall in both color theory and tone which is also why we went with easy to read fonts that have just a touch of classic flair.    


Minneapolis branding for physical therapist CoRestore
Minneapolis Branding photography for PTt
Minneapolis Branding photography for Physical Therapist

Brand photography’s immediate need was for the website, so we shot at our former studio in North East.  We used clean backgrounds with lots of whitespace for the website banners.

Becca brought her mobile table and invited a client and friend to the studio to receive therapy, stretching, and strengthening while modeling.

To convey CoRestore’s soothing tone, we kept it simple with props and had Becca dress in her brand colors and her client wear something very simple and black.  With less in the foreground and background and the solid, simple colors, the viewer focuses on the faces and action in the image instead of getting lost in unimportant details.

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Minneapolis photography for physical therapists
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Minneapolis Website photography for Physical Therapists
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The photos, messaging, and graphics were put together in a brand guide so Becca can build her website.  She purchased the Mulberry Template Website through our template shop, True North Templates, and is in the process of customizing it to reflect her brand.   

She can also use her brand guide to create content to start her social media feeds, blogs, and other marketing materials.

Minneapolis brand value guide
Minneapolis brand content guide pillars
minneapolis content creation
Minneapolis content guides for therapists
Minneapolis branding voice guide
Minneapolis brand content guides

See her progress as she customizes the website template with CoRestore’s branding!

Becca is building her website and we will share her progress as she officially launches CoRestore!

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