rebranding for Minneapolis Megs! The Brand business owner draped in pride flag

Rebranding for Minneapolis LGBTQ and Community Builder, Megs!

  • Rebranding package that included –
  • Brand design
  • Website + graphic design
  • Brand photography

Megs rebranded from a coach and speaker to a powerhouse connector in the LGTBQ community!

Megs came to us with a brand called Living Head First.  She held happy hours and events that brought people together.  When she niched down to help the queer community come together, she needed some help reorganizing her brand.

Kelly of The Agency Co and I teamed up for a full rebrand and that included a new website template, graphic design, and brand photography.

All rebranding for Minneapolis businesses starts with a concept kick-off call so we can assess how to put the visuals and messaging together.

Megs’s vibe is fun, bold, and enthusiastic.  She does several different things as an LGTB community builder including a podcast, queer network, and speaking events.  It became clear that Megs was going for a gay Tony Robbins vibe, so her name had to become the brand and these other pieces of what she does would live underneath.

Everything Megs does is vibrant, playful, and lively.  This inspired Kelly to create colorful designs for her overarching brand, but also her podcast and queer collective.  


rebranding for Minneapolis Megs the Brand
Rebranding Minneapolis Logo
Rebranding for Queer Impact Collective

Once the brand was organized and the graphics were popping, we were able to create imagery for the rebranded website as well as Megs’s social feed.  

We created static images of Megs being her bold, badass self in the studio, along with some killer GIFs for her social feed. 

One of her Megs-isms is to “Get Lit,” so that became the inspiration for the first of many silly action shots.

She also had a fellow queer community member join her for the session to fill in as a podcast guest but also hype the energy up for some exciting shots.


LGBTQ Rebranding

Check out how it all came together here

Since Megs rebranded, she has 45 members in her Queer Collective!  Congrats, Megs!  We loved working with you!  Keep on keeping on with your badass self!

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