Twin Cities Branding Photography

Twin Cities Branding for Vibrant Virtual 

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  • Brand design (Logo, Color Palette, Fonts)
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Vibrant Virtual provides qualified interns to fill in the gaps of your business so you can focus on what matters.

Long time consultant and past educator, Emily, came to us with her new business concept, Vibrant Virtual.  This is her second business, so she needed help with building the brand from the ground up. 

We started her brand building with messaging centered around a fun, vibrant place for growth for both the business and a young professional.  

The idea of growth played into our logo concept of two leafs but also into the spring color concept that feature oranges, greens, and yellows. 

Vibrant Virtual is one of a kind in how they work with interns.  They train, pay, and manage the interns for the business instead of just placing a business with an intern.  They wanted both their brand to speak to both businesses and interns so they can attract similar people who value education, growth, and creativity! 


Twin Cities Branding
Twin cities branding photography for intern program
Twin cities founder Emily

Once the brand was organized and the graphics were set, we started on the brand photography.  Emily gathered some of her interns from UW-Eau Claire together for a photo shoot in a local co-working space. 

In order for the images to reflect their fun, vibrant message, they needed to show connection and collaboration.  We paired groups of interns together with Emily and encouraged smiles, excitement, and laughter to bring this message into the photographs. 

Eau Claire Brand Photography
Wisconsin Brand Photography
Eau Claire Branding
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Twin cities branding photography and design
Twin Cities Brand design and photography

The photos, messaging, and graphics were put together in a brand guide that Emily handed off to one of their interns to create their website.  They purchased the Mulberry Template Website through our template shop, True North Templates, then customized it to match their brand. 

They will also use the brand guide as they onboard more interns and future employees so everyone is clear on their messaging, standards, and company vibe.  

Twin Cities Brand Guide example page
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Brand voice development

See how it all came together as they transformed the template into their own website with their branding!

Vibrant Virtual already has a client list and pool of interns!  We are so excited for their blooming business!

Vibrant Virtual Interns

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