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Services Provided: 

  • Twin Cities Social Media Management Strategy
  • Social Media Management on Instagram, Facebook, and Linked IN (6 months)
  • Email Campaign Creation/Management with Mailchimp (6 months)
  • Content Creation

Isadore Nut Co handcrafted nut mixes are made with love by people of all abilities. They believe food is medicine, which is why their nut mixes contain high-quality ingredients that not only taste good but have the power to heal.

Founder, Tasya, was inspired to build this brand after her grandfather Isadore. He was a pioneer in the health food community who embraced natural ingredients.  

Tasya took his legacy of food as medicine by creating these award-winning nut mixes that source through sustainable supply chains and support employment equity so she can leave this world better than how she found it.


After a major rebrand, Tasya reached out to us to take the new branding public on her favorite platform (Instagram) with full-service social media management.

We created posts, graphics, and a mix of reels thanks to her beautiful digital assets by Quincy Street Kitchen to curate a cohesive feed.

 Below are before (on the left) and after (on the right) photos of their feed.  

Instagram before
twin cities instagram management

What happened over the months:

Isadore Nut Co’s first focus is Instagram, so besides posting 3 times a week, we engaged with other synergistic brands.

The account organically grew with more comments than ever. See some of their stats below.

twin cities social media management case studies

Isadore Nut Co’s follower count grew organically by over 100 people in our six months working on their Instagram.  Although their visibility grew online, it wasn’t leading to sales, which is why we shifted to email marketing management.  With over 2,000 people on their email list, we were able to create emails that drove costumers to their website created over $6,000 in sales. 


Twin cities email marketing management
Twin cities email marketing
Twin cities marketing
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Twin cities marketing

Are you looking for social media management? Send us a message on our contact page to learn more about our packages and options from helping create content through brand photography, developing an overarching strategy, to full-blown management.

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